Well Deserved Juno

The McDades

Bloom (FRCD05, 2006)

It is not surprising that this CD by the excellent Canadian band The McDades won the Juno Award (the most important national musical award in Canada) for Best Roots and Traditional Album of the Year in 2007. In recent years, Canada has produced superb roots music bands that cross boundaries.

The main source of inspiration for The McDades is Celtic music, drawing upon Irish and Breton music. But there are also global rhythms present in the form of the Peruvian cajón and the Arabic darbuka, as well as the sounds of the Indian bansuri (flute) and even throat singing.

The McDades features five talented musicians: Solon (bass, vocals) and Jeremiah McDade (whistle, flute, bansuri); Shannon Johnson (fiddle, vocals), Francois Taillefer (percussion and throat singing).

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