Little Johnny’s Large Steps

Pequeño Johnny -   Pasos Gigantes
Pequeño Johnny – Pasos Gigantes
Pequeño Johnny

Pasos Gigantes (Rumba Jams RJ1021, 2006)

Rumba Jams is releasing some of the best new salsa in the United States. Pequeño Johnny’s Pasos Gigantes, released in 2006, is no exception.

Johnny Rivera, better known as Pequeño Johnny (Little Johnny), is a percussion master and bandleader who plays a wide variety of Latin percussion, ranging from tumbadoras and batá drums to Peruvian cajón, shakers and scrapers.

The scorching music selection goes beyond traditional Nuyorican salsa. Pequeño Johnny adds the freshest Cuban timba influences, Colombian cumbia, and Latin jazz. The recording includes a large number of guests, including Giovanni Hidalgo, Alfredo de la Fe, and Nelson González. They add a combination of Cuban and Puerto Rican influences. 

In addition to the explosive salsa CD, Pasos Gigantes includes a bonus DVD with a live performance in New York City.

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