Cuban Reggaetón Liberation

Various Artists

Liberacion, the Songs of the New Cuban Underground (Petrol/EMI, 2007)

Cuba produces an impressive amount of cutting edge music. Some have focused on timba, others on rock and hip. This DVD focuses on the reggaetón scene in Santiago de Cuba.

What’s really exciting about Santiago de Cuba’s reggaetón is the rich variety of sounds. While a lot of recent US-produced reggaetón sounds slick and repetitive, Cubans, as usual, add more spice to the mix.

The young multi-talented singers and musicians combine witty lyrics and basic reggaetón beats with funk, rock, son and more. That makes the music richer, more appealing and innovative.


Some of the versatile singers featured are El Médico, Candyman, Donato, Lady Ragga, Black Boy and other young talents. 

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