Ottoman Fragrances

Ensemble Al Kindi

Parfums Ottomans (Le Chant du Monde, 2006)

This beautifully packaged boxed set contains two CDs with music by Ensemble Al Kindi. The group is led by a European musician named Julien Djelal Jalaleddin Weiss, who has been working for years with musicians from the Middle East: Arabs, Turks, Azeris and others.

Julien Jalaleddin Weiss’ intention is to recreate the spirit of dialog and music collaborations that took place in the Ottoman courts of the 17th century. To achieve this, Jalaleddin Weiss has brought together musicians from various cultures: Turkey, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Syria, and the United States.

Parfums Ottomans [Ottoman Fragrances] is a beautiful and engaging recreation of Ottoman court music, merging Tarab, Hal, Ruh, and Saltana.

The detailed booklet describes Ottoman music and the maqam system.

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