A Flamenco Soul in France

Sylvie Paz

Tirititrán (self release, 2007)

Sylvia Paz is a French musician and singer-songwriter of Spanish origin, based in Marseilles. For many years, she was a member of a popular Marseilles world music act called Barrio Chino. Her debut solo CD Tirititrán centers on Spanish and Latin American influences.

The album begins with Eleguá, a piece with obvious Afro-Cuban influences. Enredadera has a warn tropical feel, with Sylvie singing a duo withCuban singer  Raúl Paz. The following songs have a Flamenco feel, with Sylvie paying a tribute to her Spanish roots and the legendary Flamenco singer Camarón.

Lloraba la Niña has a Nuevo Flamenco air, closer to the rootsier Sevilla and Madrid sound than the lighter Barcelona style. "Tonada de Luna Llena" has an afro-Venezuelan feel.


The rest of the album continues with Nuevo Flamenco and Latin themes. Most of the songs throughout the album are in Spanish, with lyrics by Paz and Spanish singer-songwriters and poets. Sylvie’s inspired songs talk about love, immigration and Andalusian poetry.

As she says in one of her songs, France is her home, but her soul is Spanish.

More information at: www.sylviepaz.com.