Exhilarating Flamenco Chill Out


Pokito a Poko
(Sony Music Spain/Norte, 2005)

One of the finest world music CDs from Spain is now available in North

Pokito a Poko
is the latest by Flamenco chill out Chambao, from Málaga.
As a band from southern Spain, Chambao represents the true essence of Andalusian
charm and beauty. This is no Ojos de Brujo clone, but rather a more exciting group that has much deeper Andalusian roots.

Pokito a Poko
combines poetic lyrics and passionate Flamenco (not the light
rumba many other groups practice) with laid back, dreamy, blues, jazz and edgy
chill out electronic sounds.

Chambao’s repertory includes spirited songs and juergas with Flamenco percussive jams using palmas (handclap percussion), as well as beautiful relaxed pieces. The other influences include Latin rhythms and Spanish popular song.

The group is led by the charismatic vocals of the charming Maria del Mar del Rodriguez (Lamari) and the warm guitar and backing vocals of Eduardo Casañ (Eledi).

The US release includes a bonus DVD with 5 excellent music videos by Chambao.

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