Vladiswar Nadishana’s Contemporary Tribal Sounds

Vladiswar Nadishana - Russian - Tuvinian Karma Knot
Vladiswar Nadishana – Russian – Tuvinian Karma Knot


One of the most pleasant discoveries of 2006, thanks to social networking site myspace.com, is Berlin-based Russian multi-instrumentalist Vladiswar
Nadishana. He has released several self-produced CDs on his own label.

On Russian – Tuvinian Karma Knot Vladiswar Nadishana collaborates with Tuvan
throat singer Ayas Kholazhyk and multi-instrumentalist Youl’. The result is
clearly spectacular. The trio manages to put together some of the finest throat
singing combined with global sounds. While some throat singing recordings out
there are too folksy or gimmicky, this trio of skilled musicians has recorded an
excellent album.

Ayas Kholazhyk is one of the finest throat singers I’ve heard and his vocal
skills are outstanding. He can easily switch from the guttural sounds normally
associated with throat singing to beautiful high pitched sounds. All this backed
by a vast array of acoustic instruments and samplers that achieve an organic


Vladiswar Nadishana - Penetration into Substance
Vladiswar Nadishana – Penetration into Substance


Penetration into Substance is a solo effort by Vladiswar Nadishana. Using
primarily acoustic instruments and a computer, Nadishana overdubs layers of vocals and instruments, achieving an acoustic ensemble sound, with wind and stringed
instruments accompanied by frame drums and other percussion instruments. The
main influences are Russian, Siberian, Tuvan and Indian.

Takku Ta Tei was recorded earlier, in 2000. On this album Vladiswar Nadishana uses dreamlike electronics and sequences combined with distant wind instruments,
Asian strings, frame drums, Indian vocals and echoing sounds.

Nadishana’s site is: www.nadishana.nm.ru