Daoud & Saleh Al-Kuwaity, Their Star Shall Never Fade

Daoud & Saleh Al-Kuwaity

Their Star Shall Never Fade (Magda MGD054, 2006)

This double CD is a collection of rare recordings by masters of Iraqi music. The
recordings were restored and remastered by the descendants of the two
musicians, who live in Israel.

The brothers Saleh (1908-1986) and Daoud (1910-1 m)
Al-Kuwaity are two of the greatest musicians and performers in the history of
Iraqi music. During seventy years of creativity, they have written, composed and
played with the biggest Arab singers and musicians, such as Salima Mourad, Um
Kulthum and Muhammad Abed-el Wahab.

The brothers were King Faisal’s favorite
entertainers, performing for him and composing music for various formal events –
the highlight being a piece composed by Saleh for the King’s coronation