Olah Gypsies Perform in New York

New York (New York), USA – Romano Drom will be performing at
Makor in New York City on
Wednesday, June 28, at 7:30pm.
Tickets are $20. Makor is located at
35 W. 67th St.
(at Central Park West),
NYC 10023. Phone: +1

Romano Drom, which in Romani language means “gypsy road”, leads us on the road
of the musical tradition of the Olah Gypsies from Valachia, traditionally horse
traders and traveling salesmen who entered Hungary in the middle of the 19th
century. For Romano Drom the power of the Olah Gypsies’ traditional music is in
its voices and vocal games. Living in Budapest where east and west flow
together, the inspirations are many and various.

The sudden death of cofounder and lead vocalist Antal Kovács last year took a
toll on the band, but they have continued to play under the direction of Antal
Kovács’ son, Antal Kovács Jr. They utilize household utensils as instruments,
such as a milk churn and wooden spoon, alongside their unique vocal stylings to
create a more modern urban sound through the introduction of guitar, double bass
and drums.

Two albums are available by the band:

Andre Lindri
(Daqui, 2004) and

Ando Foro
(Daqui, 2002).