David Strikes Back at the Empire

David Rovics

(Ever Reviled Records, 0005, 2003)

Now that Neil Young and other famous names are jumping on the anti-Bush
bandwagon, it is important to credit artists like David Rovics who have been
protesting against the war mongerers in the White House for much longer. Some protest singers are on the dull side of music, but Rovics is clearly very musical and his passionate lyrics are accompanied by
great folk rock and Americana music.

The album deals with touchy issues like the rights of the Palestinian people and leftist perspectives,
which is almost a rarity in American society, where the so called liberals, or
progressives, are closer to middle-of-the-road European centrists.

One may agree or disagree with Rovics ideas, but what is true is that his
voice is part of the much needed freedom of speech that the United States is
struggling to defend.