Echoes of Japan

Shunsuke Mizuno

Slow Time
(Ozella Oz007, 2005)

Bassist Shunsuke Mizuno plays beautiful chamber style music that is difficult
to categorize. It’s in between world music, jazz and classical. The overall
sound and ambience is very connected to the Euro jazz developed by the ECM label
in Germany.

The Japanese influence is evident in the use of evocative melodies and
instruments such as the koto. In fact, the compositions featuring koto are the
most exquisite on the album.

The guests who appear on

Slow Time
are: Miwa Inaba (koto), Masaki Yoshimi (tabla), Keisuke
Doi (shakuhachi), Chikara Tsuzuli (harmonica), Hiroki Miyano (guitar), Itsuro
Kai (percussion), Ryo Watanabe (percussion), Shigeru Sawamura (piano) and Aya
Motohashi (hitikri).


Slow Time
[German Import].