The Rhythms of Vocal and Hand Percussion

John Belcher

The Sound According to John (Innova Recordings innova643, 2005)

John Belcher has recorded an album of intriguing percussion works.
When one thinks of percussion, drums and hand held instruments come to
mind, but there is also a great tradition of vocal percussion, well
known in India. Belzer uses it in some of his pieces. He also uses
voice loops and experimentation, combined with a wide variety of
percussion instruments.

The sound is hard to define. It’s definitely not traditional world
music, but it does have world elements. there are also contemporary
classical influences. Belcher is a drummer, composer, and
self-described rhythmologist. The tracks on The Sound have elements of
swing, samba, old, old school rap, West African, Indian and Balinese
music traditions, and mathematics. Along with being a musician, Belcher
is a mathematician.

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