Ancient Slovak Ballads in a New Light

Zuzana Homolová

Tvojej duši zahynúť nedám (Slnko
Records SZ 0017 2 331, 2005)

Slovak singer

Zuzana Homolová
is a renowned folk singer in her country. She has a
charismatic voice and has been performing for many years. Her new CD, Tvojej duši zahynúť nedám (I won’t let your soul pass
away), released in December of 2005, is a refreshing amalgamation of traditional
Slovak folk with modern-day sounds. The contemporary elements include
trance-like passages.

Homolová has spent the last 30 years collecting,
researching and singing deep-rooted Slovak ballads. For Tvojej duši zahynúť nedám
she chose 10 evocative songs as preserved in
most distant areas of Slovakia. Many of them come from isolated Slovak
communities abroad, primarily Hungary and Romania.

Zuzana Homolová is a welcome addition to the world music community and
hopefully the Slnko label will keep releasing outstanding albums such as this.

The CD booklet contains translations of all lyrics into English and

Samples are available here: