A Powerful blend of Flamenco and Hip Hop


Sale el Sol (Chivo Records,

Hybrid music is the rage in Spain this decade. Zur is the latest name to add
to the list of hip southern Spanish bands. Hailing from the sunny coastal resort
city of Marbella (Málaga province), Zur is an inspired duo formed by rapper
Anyel and multi-instrumentalist Zuri.On Sale el Sol they are accompanied
by DJ scratchers, percussionists and several guest vocalists.Musically, Zur combines a scorching mix of hip hop with rumba, Flamenco,
dancehall reggae, jazz and electronic grooves. The lyrics are loaded with harsh
social criticism. Topics include immigration, anti-capitalism, environmentalism,
anti-commercialism, social justice and criticism of the war in Iraq.

While well marketed groups like Ojos de Brujo are getting well deserved
attention, there are many other jewels to be found throughout Spain. Zur is one
of them.

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