International Reggae Compilation

Various Artists

Reggae Dreams (Rhombus Records, 2005)

Rhombus Records has put together a compilation of international reggae
recordings. Reggae Dreams, Vol.1. presents Reggae styles from all
over the world, featuring 15 songs from Roots Reggae and Dance Hall to Ska.
the artists featured are: Dee, House Arrest, Steven T. Easter, The Crazy
Baldheads. Vick Sllva, The Earthtones, Jah Moon, The Street Smart Band, and
Hophead. The album includes Reggae remakes of popular songs such as Dee’s version of Paul
Simons “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, Steven T. Easter’s take on Rick Askley’s -Never
Gonna Give You Up” and The Beatle’s” I Wanna Hold Your
Hand”, and The Crazy Badheads version of Clint Black’s “When I Say I Do”.

Original tunes include ‘Toasting” by House Arrest,
Spanish lyrics by Vick Silva, instrumentals by Hophead and The Street Smart
Band, and African Township Jive by The Earthtones.

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