Mystic Peyote Songs

McClellan, Kyle Robedeaux and Brian Stoner

For Our Loved Ones (Canyon Records CR-6397, 2005)

Peyote is a hallucinogen
made from a woolly Mexican cactus. It is used by many southwestern American Indian
tribes spiritual ceremonies.

For Our Loved Ones
features Jeff McClellan (Sac & Fox, Iowa, Otoe,
Shawnee & Seneca), Kyle Robedeaux (Otoe/Seminole) and Brian Stoner
(Ponca/Cherokee). These Native American singers join voices in this reverent
collection of peyote songs from the Southern Plains of Oklahoma.Accompanied by the pulsating rhythm of water drum and gourd, their
passionate chanting is deeply rooted in the traditions of the Native American Church.
Providing healing and encouragement, the thirty-six songs on

For Our Loved Ones
presented by McLellan, Robedeaux
and Stoner guide the listener on the spiritual journey along the sacred Peyote Road.


For Our Loved Ones

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