When Bhangra Meets the The Mighty Zulu Nation

The Mighty Zulu Nation - Abantu
The Mighty Zulu Nation – Abantu
The Mighty Zulu Nation

Abantu (Nation Records, 2004)

On Abantu, South African group The Mighty Zulu Nation teams up with Aki Nawaz, of Fundamental. Nawaz is known for his electronic experimentation, but nAbantu he decided to simplify things. “The youthful Mighty Zulu Nation, comprising of 12 singers, was an experience in itself and the tuning and experimentation is an art of its own,” says Nawaz. “Such melodies and scales touch the human spirit in many forms. Due to the love and respect for their art, it was decided after many versions to keep things simple.”Nawaz kept his word. Even though there are keyboards throughout the album, the vocals play the leading role. Along with the vivid South African vocals, there is rapping, accompanied by bhangra beats. Part of the album was recorded in Pakistan, using musicians who had never been exposed to the splendid vocal styles of South Africa.

This gem came out in 2004 and should be added to any serious world music collection.