Global Beat Fusion, a Portrait of World Music Innovators

Global Beat Fusion
Global Beat Fusion
Global Beat Fusion

Author: Derek Beres

Publisher: iUniverse, New York; ISBN 0-595-34899-8

Global Beat Fusion is a portrait of one of the most vital segments of the international music scene. World music journalist Derek Beres describes a good number of the dynamic musical genres that fall within the world music category. He focuses on the innovators and explorers of world sounds.Aside from the historical aspects of global beat (or world beat), Beres also illustrates some of the characters involved in the New York scene. The economic capital of the United States is also a multicultural center that attracts immigrants from all corners of the world. That has a special effect on the kind of music developed in New York.

There is detailed information about some of the most exciting recent trends in world music: the South Asian underground, global hip hop (which many believe is more creative than homegrown American hip hop), Arabic pop, Gypsy music and DJ culture.

The book comes with a companion CD that gives an idea of the types of music Beres discusses in Global Beat Fusion. It includes well known names such as Ojos de Brujo, Bill Laswell, and Cheb i Sabbah, as well as lesser known artists, who get well deserved exposure.

My only complaint about the book is the glossary. It could have used more proofreading.

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