A New Generation of Garifuna Drummers

Lebeha Boys

Lebeha Drumming (innova 2009, 2005)

In 2002, Garifuna drummer Jabbar Lambey and Canadian Dorothy Pettersen started
the Lebeha Drumming Center. The school is located in Hopkins, a small village on
Belize’s Caribbean coast. Lebeha Drumming is a recording which features
some of the children who have been studying Garifuna drumming.Unlike the better known Garifuna style, punta rock, the talented students of Lebeha
Drumming Center only use an acoustic setting of drums and vocals. The hand
carved drums used by the children are made by local craftsman Austin Rodriguez,
from the village of Dangriga.

Thanks to Lambey and Pettersen, a new generation of drummers will keep the
ancient Garifuna tradition alive.


Lebeha Drumming