Tri Muzike, The Sounds of the Northeastern Mediterranean

Tri Muzike - Un vegh pes marii
Tri Muzike – Un vegh pes marii
Tri Muzike

Un vegh pes marii (Felmay, 2004)

Tri Muzike is a talented Italian ensemble comprised of virtuoso musicians who have researched the sounds of southeastern Europe and the Balkans. On Un vegh pes marii, Tri Muzike presents a trip across the northern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean. The musicians have chosen musical pieces from Turkey, Greece, Bosnia,
Occitania (an ancient land between Italy and Spain that is now a part of southern France), Romania and Crete.

The instrumentation used includes clarinet and other winds, accordion, vocals, guitars, bouzouki, ud, and a wide selection of percussion. The group ventures into frequent instrumental passages with creative jazz stylings.

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