Mesmerizing Solo Violin

Chris Murphy

Noir (Kufala, 2004)

You have to be very brave to record an album of solo violin. Chris Murphy
does it on Noir and pulls it off. The album is a collection Tangos, Blues,
Gospel, Rags and Waltzes that serve as a foundation for Murphy’s improvisations.
The result is a captivating set of melodic and atmospheric pieces. Murphy draws influences from a wide array of artists including Bach,
minimalists Brian Eno and Phillip Glass, film composers Ennio Morricone and
Bernard Hermann, North American and European folk music and classic 1950s and
1960s Jazz.

By playing through a guitar ampliefier, various effects pedals, and a looping
device that allows him to record himself in real time and overdub on top of it,
Murphy brings a gritty urban element to the music.