New DVD, The Tombak with Madjid Khaladj

France – Le Salon de Musique has released a new double DVD and booklet, The Tombak with Madjid Khaladj. It includes tombak lessons, a documentary, a concert, and a booklet. The DVD is available in French, English and Spanish. The company has released other titles dedicated to the tabla and jembe.

Each video package includes a documentary that presents the musicians in their musical and cultural context. It features rehearsals, concerts, descriptions of craftsmanship and caretaking of the instrument, etc.There is also an initiation method that is an approach to the specific
techniques of each instrument. The tutorials and exercises are presented at a
slow pace, at normal speed and as part of polyrhythmic patterns with other

There is also a score book with extra variations, patterns, a brief history
of the instrument, a glossary and together with many photos and illustrations.