Arab-Andalusian Music Building Bridges

Luis Delgado

Tanger (Nubenegra INN1124-25, 2004)

Multi-instrumentalist Luis Delgado has crossed genres numerous times. A lot of
his recent solo work centers on the connections between Spanish music and Arabic
music, especially Arabic Andalusian music (the music that originated in Medieval
Muslim Spain).On this elegantly packaged double CD, Delgado collaborates with Moroccan and
Spanish virtuoso musicians. All the evocative music is original, inspired by Arabic music
and the poems of Andalusian poets from the 11 and 12th centuries. The album
comes with a bonus music video recorded in Tangier.

Luis Delgado is
known for his work with electronic and world music. He plays a wide range of
instruments, including lute, darbuka, tar, bendir, sitar, saz, viola, nay,
santur, and kaval.