Native American Recreations

Spooky Actions

Songs of the Nations (Muse eek MSK119, 2004)

Saying that something is original is overstated frequently by many publicists and artists. In this case, the concept of Spooky Actions is truly original. Bruce Arnold (electric guitar), Thomas Buckner (baritone), Kirk Driscoll (drums and percussion) and John Gunther (winds) -musicians that come from the New York avant garde jazz and classical scenes- have taken Native American melodies and have transformed them into ethereal chamber jazz pieces. The result is a collection of hauntingly beautiful songs.The dreamy guitar sounds of Bruce Arnold, a la Bill Frisell; and the Medieval stylings of baritone Thomas Buckner, blend perfectly with the rhythms of Kirk Driscoll and the melodies of John Gunther. Definitely not spooky.


Songs of the Nations
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