Celtic Sounds from el Bierzo

Aira da Pedra

Arantigua (Armando Records ARD-057, 2004)

The region of El Bierzo is lesser known than Galicia or Asturias, two Celtic
regions in Spain. El Bierzo is located in the Autonomous Community of
Castile-Leon, bordering Galicia and Asturias. Naturally, there are many musical
connections. Aira da Pedra plays contemporary Berciana (from El Bierzo) folk
music.The group is primarily instrumental. They combine traditional instruments
such as vocals, bagpipes, flutes, fiddle, guitar and percussion with trap drums.
The musical selection includes mountain songs, Berciana muñeiras (muñeiras are a
popular dance across northwestern Spain), Asturian songs and original pieces.

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