Tribal Chants from the Dakotas

United Tribes, International Powwow

Home of the Champions (Makoché MM0194D, 2004)

Every year, drum groups from various American Indian nations in the Dakotas
get together to participate in pow-wow celebrations. Makoché Music has released
a 2-CD set with live recordings of one of these events. The drum groups featured
are: Bad Nation, Big Bear, Blackstone, Dakota Nation, Dakota Travels, Lakota
Thunder, Medicine Horse, Meskwaki Nation, Midnight Express, Mighty Few, MGM,
North Buffalo, Northern Straight, and Whitefish Juniors. Home of the Champions is a retrospective of some of the finest
performances recorded over the last decade. The album includes emotive
performances of various types of celebratory songs.

The set includes an enhanced CD for PC with video and historical recordings.


United Tribes International Powwow: Home of the Champions