Choral Sensation from Croatia


Preveliku Radost Navišćujem Vama (Aquarius Records CD-1803, 2003)

Lado Electro (Aquarius
Records CD27-03, 2003)

Lado is the phenomenal Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia. The two CDs featured here are
remarkably different. Preveliku Radost Navišćujem Vam is a traditional a
cappella choral work. It’s a Winter album with seasonal songs and Christmas carols from various parts of
Croatia: Zadar, Bol (Brač island), Vinišće (Trogir), Stari Grad (Hvar island),
and Murter. Lado Electro, on the other hand, is a collaboration between Lado and HR Electro, a group
formed by electronic music wizards Crnić Boxer and Boris Harfman Hari. The
result is choral music with electronic beats. Although not all of these
type of fusions
work, in this case the electronics and vocals are weaved in a captivating way.