Malouma with the Sahel Hawl Blues Band, Chicago debut

Chicago, Illinois, USA – Mauritanian singer

will be performing
Monday, April 11, at 7p.m. in the Claudia Cassidy Theater (Chicago). Admission
is free.

Malouma is both a respected artist and a controversial
advocate for women’s rights. She has a pan-African and trans-continental style
that pays tribute to Mali’s guitarists, America’s great blues singers and is
suffused with Moorish and European influences. She is backed by guitars and tidinit, with additions of both folk and modern instrumentation.Malouma has harmonized traditional pentatonic Mauritanian music with other folk
music forms, notably blues. She has met a group of young Mauritanian musicians,
the Sahel Hawl Blues, and they have soon tied bonds. Driven by the same
concern-to be both rooted in traditional music and open to modern western
music-the band, made up of ten young musicians, has integrated all the
components of modern-day Mauritania: rich inspirational sources and multiple
cultures (Moorish, Fulani, Tukulor [also known as Toucouleur], Soninke, Wolof,
and Haratin).

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[Photo courtesy of Pirineos Sur].