Explosive New York Bhangra

Bikram Singh

Exclusives (Anamika Records, 2005)

Even though most of the best bhangra comes from the UK, there is a growing
number of US-based artists that are starting to challenge their colleagues at
the other side of the pond. Bikram Singh is such a case. He is a young Punjabi
musician based in the New York area. In less than two years, Bikram has gone from showing appearing at a New York
University open mic night, to performing at the Boston Summerjam 2003 stage with
the popular Panjabi MC.

What’s attractive in Bikram Singh’s music is the high quality recording and
the gifted combination of electronic beats with traditional instruments such as
harmonium, flutes and drums.

Unlike most albums, Bikram Singh’s album features numerous producers, who
worked on different songs. That gives the album a rich diversity of sounds.