Celtic Choral Ensemble Anuna in New York City

New York City, USA – Irish band
Anuna will perform at Joe’s Pub in New York City on March 9, 2005, at
9:30 PM.
Twelve centuries of Ireland’s vocal tradition are explored by the chorale
ensemble, Anuna. Best-known for their performance in Riverdance, the group
combines songs in Middle English, Scots Gaelic, Irish, Breton, Medieval
Irish, Latin, and Greek in their examination of ancient and contemporary
Irish music.The group was founded by the young Dublin composer Michael McGlynn in 1987 with their name derived from the ancient Irish name `An
Uaithne’ (collectively describing the three ancient types of Celtic music,
Suantraí or lullaby, Geantraí or happy song, and Goltraí or lament). In
addition to performing and recording on their own, the group has worked with
Sinéad O’Connor, the Chieftains, Sting, Maire Brennan, and Elvis Costello.