Europe Pays Tribute to Compay Segundo

(Prensa Latina) Havana, Cuba – A tribute to Compay Segundo will take place in March and April 2005 in Switzerland, by Cuban traditional music bands, as part of a project sponsored by a Swiss businesswoman. The band Granma, along with four dancers from the folklore dance group Cutumba, will be in charge of the tour to pay homage to the outstanding Cuban musician and composer.The recitals are planned for seven European cities, including Zurich, Berne, Geneva and Lucerne, due to the many Cuban music lovers living in these regions.

The tour promoter and sponsor, entrepreneur Maritza Gonzalez, is a researcher of Compay Segundo’s life and work and intends to keep his memory alive, taking his talent to various parts of the world.

The title Flor de la Vida chosen for the shows is the first tribute to Compay, since it paraphrases the title of one of the album which made him immortal.

The agency Son de Cuba, Cuban music distributor in the world for which the band Granma is signed, is organizing a concert for the Cuban audience after the musicians return from the tour.