Cantos de mujer, New Album by Sara Gonzalez

Sara Gonzalez - Cantos de Mujer (Songs of a Woman)
Sara Gonzalez – Cantos de Mujer (Songs of a Woman)
(Prensa Latina) Havana, Cuba – Cantos de Mujer (Songs of a Woman) is the latest production by singer Sara Gonzalez, released by Bis Music recording company, encompassing a century with songs authenticating the creative power of Cuban woman and its presence in the Cuban music panorama.

Throughout the 20th century, the works by the authors Sara chose were and are highlights for the national music scene. Names such as Ernestina Lecuona, Maria Teresa Vera, Isolina Carrillo or Tania Castellanos are included in the list, as well as those of contemporary singers such as Liuba Maria Hevia, Marta Campos, Rita del Prado and Yusa.The 14 tracks included in the album are songs where women sing about their life, experiences, preoccupations and hopes in the voice of the folk artist. The record also shows other attractions and unique values, but just to mention that Cantos de Mujer contains the feeling of most of the female artists of the 20th century in Cuba makes it a must-have.