Nomads Of Rajasthan Live

UK – Desert Charm 2 is the latest live album by the
Nomads Of Rajasthan, on Sense World
. It was recorded at the Saptak Festival. The program includes
the wedding song, “Dulha Banaa,” with Barkat Khan Manganiar and Chanan Khan
Manganiar singing about the finery, perfumes and other goods brought as gifts to
the celebration. There are also love songs, a Hindu lullaby, and epic
tales.The musicians featured are: Gazi Khan (arranger, khartal), Bhage Khan (vocals,
manjira), Samad Khan Langa (vocals), Shale Khan Langa (vocals), Barkat Khan
Manganiar (vocals), Chanan Khan Manganiar (vocals), Kachre Khan Manganiar
(vocals), Ghemra Ram Meghwal (vocals), Mahesh Ram Meghwal (vocals), Prabhu Ram
(vocals), Samdar Khan Langa (Sindhi sarangi), Yaseen Khan Langa (Sindhi sarangi),
Ghevar Khan Manganiar (kamayacha), Chanan Khan Manganiar (kamayacha), Karim Khan
(flute, murli), Kheta Khan Manganiar (khartal), Bhunghar Khan (dholak), and
Firoz Khan Manganiar (dholak).