Adel Salameh, \’Ud Virtuoso

Adel Salameh

Hafla (Enja CD 9153-2, 2004)

Kanza (Enja CD 9137-2, 2002)

‘Ud virtuoso Adel Salameh performs contemporary Middle Eastern music that
combines classical Arabic and jazz sensibilities. He has a preference for
chamber-style acoustic ensembles. On Hafla, Salameh uses an ensemble of
six: Adel Salameh on ‘ud and vocals; Naziha Azzouz on vocals; Bruno Sansalone on
clarinet; Mohamad Daftari on violin; Dahmane Khalfa on percussion; and Jorge “Negrito” Trasante on drums.Kanza includes a smaller cast of top of the line musicians: Adel
Salameh on ‘ud; Naziha Azzouz on vocals; the well known Barbaros Erkose on
clarinet; and Abdel Ghani Krija on darbuka, riq and bendir.