Magical Sounds of Mexico

Flor de Luna

Xochimetzli: México, Mágico, Místico (0+ Music
OP103, 2004)

Flor de Luna (Moon Flower) is dedicated to the sounds of pre-Colombian Mexico.
As with Celtic music, it is very difficult to recreate the music that was played
by the Aztecs or Mayans centuries ago. Instead, the musicians who participated
Xochimetzli: México, Mágico, Místico have assembles a wide array of instruments from Mexico,
the Caribbean and South America. Instruments such as huéhuetl, hue hue, batá
drums, concha marina (sea shell), whistles, ocarinas, kena, guimbarda (jew’s
harp), jarana guitar, requinto jarocho, quinta de golpe guitar, vihuela,
guitarrón and a few more.Flor de Luna is an offshoot of a group of Latin American musicians who founded La Calaca a few years back. The group’s aim was to explore traditional Mexican music. The three founding musicians, Alfonso R. Mosquera (Ecuador), Gildardo
Mejia Rodriguez (Mexico) and Gerardo Gutierrez Bernal (Mexico), are all steeped
in the music and culture of Latin America. The intriguing album
also features guests such as Indian violinist Dr. L Subramanian, Cuban musician
Orlando Valle and several French musicians. The musical pieces are inspired by
Mexican son jarocho, Cuban son and many other influences .


Mexico Magico Mistico