National Trova Festival Carlos Puebla in Memoriam Opens in Cuba

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Havana, Cuba – The 10th National Trova Festival Carlos Puebla in Memoriam opened in
Manzanillo, with the traditional march of the participants to the grave of the
Singer of the Revolution, Carlos Puebla.

Born September 11, 1917 in Manzanillo, Carlos Puebla sang to the most relevant
events of the Cuban people´s history, turning him into a excellent chronicler
for the national panorama since 1959.
On his songs he used a very serious and direct speech, sometimes including the
nuances of the most popular Cuban humor."Y en eso llegó Fidel" and the mythic "Hasta siempre comandante" (1965),
dedicated to Che Guevara, are the most outstanding examples which made him
famous worldwide.
His work not only limited to reflect on the popular epic of the first years of
the Revolution, but also dealt with love and everyday work of the people, in a
prolific work including more than 1000 boleros, Son and guaracha songs.
Many of his lyrics have been translated into many languages and his compositions
have been used for Cuban films such as ‘Alba de Cuba,’ ‘Estado de sitio’ and ‘Nuestro
hombre en La Habana’.