Researching the Sambas of Bixiga

Brazil – The group Revista do Samba will start working on the
project “revista bixiga oficina do samba,” sponsored by Programa Petrobras
Cultural. The basis of the project is to research the sambas of Bixiga, the
district of Sâo Paulo known as the cradle of samba paulista and, where many of
great sambistas of São Paulo, like Adoniran Barbosa and Geraldo Filme, and also
the Vai Vai, school of samba have their inspiration. The result will be a CD, a video documentary, a songbook and a releasing show
in Teatro Oficina.

The band’s next concerts:

January 12 – 18:30h – SESC Pinheiros – São Paulo
January 29 – 17:00h – SESC Santo André – Santo André