Mandingrooves by Cheick-Tidiane Seck

Malian keyboardist, Cheick-Tidiane Seck,
has a new album out entitled MandinGroove (Circular Moves). Recorded in Paris, New York and Los Angeles, MandinGroove is a title with
a double meaning, « body and soul » to paraphrase Ellington. “In
other words, everything that vibrates and lives inside me. This disc gives the
most accurate definition of me; it’s the terrain of a whole life of music.
That’s why there are many guest artists, even if a good number of my friends
aren’t present. It talks about why I melt into the diversity of musical currents
I’ve been through. It’s one part tradition, one part creation. “And there’s still the desire to have both feet in popular music, but with
openings that are more contemporary. I’ve tried to create my own synthesis of
everything I hear, from oriental modes to electronic rhythms. I’m like a big
tape-recorder that picks up everything that goes by, everything that happens:
rhythmically, melodically, harmonically


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West African Music meets Jazz