The Experiments of a Percussion Master

Arto Tunçboyaciyan

Artostan (Heaven and Earth CD HE 19, 2005)

The CD describes
‘s music as avant-garde folk and the description is
pretty accurate. On Artostan, Tunçboyaciyan focuses on vocal
experimentation, with his characteristic rhythmic vocal pieces as well as
digitally manipulated vocals, accompanied by percussion solos and effects. He
also plays a small lute called bular. The album is a trip to Arto
Tuncboyaciyan’s philosophical homeland: Artostan. “Because of what’s going on
in the world today with my human rights, dignity and power, I declare my own
country in me. Artostan
.”Tunçboyaciyan describes the
Land of Artostan as a country with one citizen where “people have to accept each other even if they don’t like
one another. With Love, Respect and Truth we will be able to gain trust in
humanity. Nationality and religion labels no longer exist. Of course, I am not
talking about one’s belief. I think people can create their own country within
themselves. This is the ideology of the country s people and the king of Artostan