Zamoran Piper Julio Prada Guzmán Dies in Spain

Zamora, Spain –  Julio Prada Guzmán died in Ungilde,
Sanabria (Zamora province, Spain) on January 31, 2004. His funeral was held on
January 1st, 2005. He had been suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Prada Guzmán was known for his performances of traditional Zamoran music. A jota
chaconeada (dance) that he played often was picked up by contemporary folk group
La Musgaña on their live La Musgaña en directo. The same piece was used
by Breton group Bagad Kemper on its album Sud-ar Su. Julio Prada
collected and performed many melodies and epic ballads. Julio Prada Guzmán’s style of bagpipe playing influenced many other pipers in
the area, such as the Guillermo family (Florencio, Serafín y Francisco) from
Palazuelo de las Cuevas, and “Ti Francisco”, from Villanueva de
Valrojo (Carballeda).

[Photo courtesy of
Gaitas Españolas