Dominican Country Music

Super Uba

Tierra Lejana (Iaso Records, 2003)

Super Uba y su Conjunto
 is an inspired Dominican group specializing in son, although
the group also plays the more rhythmic bachata and merengue. Uba’s heartfelt tyle of music has its roots in the
Dominican countryside, making it very similar to Cuban guajira music. Son
usually combines the two main influences in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean
islands: African rooted rhythms and deep Spanish influences. Uba’s style is very
melodic and guitars play an important role in the song structures. 

Ubaldo Cabrera was born to a farming family in the rural town of Guateque de
la Isabela, near Puerto Plata. At age 19 he was drawn by his love for music to
the city of Santiago, where he lived with an uncle who taught him to sing and
play the guitar. Santiago is the heart of the Cibao, the northern region of the
Dominican Republic which is the cradle of merengue.

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