Abruzzi Beats

Nuova Agricola Associazione

Dall’ Alente a lu Serepenne (self release
four song EP CD,

‘Shta vite gne nu Teatrine (self release
four song EP CD,

Nuova Agricola Associazione means the New Agricultural Association in
Italian. This Italian roots band is hard to define. At times, it sounds like a
folk rock band with deep Italian roots. Other times they go into funk rock mode. The overall feel of Nuova Agricola Associazone’s style is
that it is a band with a great sense of humor and a splendid beat meant for
dancing. The group also pays attention to artwork (something you will never get
with music downloads), with attractive packaging and booklets rich in content. The
Nuova Agricola Associazione
(NAA) is formed by a group of musicians who had
the idea of rearranging traditional folk music from Abruzzi, adding a modern
feel which includes the Salterello of Abruzzi combined with an explosive
fusion of reggae and Gypsy music, as well as lyrics sung in the Abruzzi

Dall’ Alente a lu Serepenne (From Alente to Serepenne) makes reference
to two rivers, Alente and Serepenne. It includes four songs. The EP begins with
“La vragna e la sulagna,” a mix of reggae and Abruzzi folk. “Frèchete” goes in a
retro funk direction, with a full brass section. “Vecchia” is a slower melodic
piece with beautiful vocals. The last piece, “Lu sempleciotte,” goes in a ska/reggae

‘Shta vite gne nu Teatrine commences with “Lillylá,” a
Gypsy tune, followed by “Chi te tutte cose” a fabulous rhythmic piece that
mixes accordion driven funk with rapping and reggae rhythms. “Piazze”
goes in a folk rock direction. The good vibes funk and reggae return with “Vacri.”

The musicians who form the band are Graziano Zuccarino (vocals, guitar),
Franco Liberati (drums), Fabio Duronio (guitar, vocals), Maria Alessandra
Piroddi (vocals) and Luca Francavilla (bass).

The two CDs are not easy to find in stores, but you can buy them directly
from the band at http://www.naa.it