Saharawi Desert Blues

Nayim Alal - Nar
Nayim Alal – Nar
Nayim Alal

Nar (Nubenegra INN1117-2, 2004)

Thanks to Manuel Domínguez’s Nubenegra label, based in Madrid, Saharawi artists are starting to release their music on CD. Wood is difficult to obtain in the Sahara and desert nomads have turned electric guitars into a favorite instrument. Nayim Alal is probably the best guitarist in the Saharawi scene.

Like their Tuareg cousins, the Saharawis play a bluesy type of guitar. On
r, Nayim Alal combines Saharawi music with rap, blues, and pop. Nayim Alal has a unique way of playing the electric guitar and deserves wider recognition. The album
features one of the best known Saharawi singers, Mariem Hassan. There are other
Saharawi guests, as well as musicians from Spain and Sudan.