Pablo Milanés

Pablo Milanés Embraces Caracas with his Songs

Pablo Milanés
Pablo Milanés
(Prensa Latina) Caracas, Venezuela – Pablo Milanés, in his own words, "proud of being an artist and prouder of being a revolutionary artist," flooded Caracas with his affable presence in an amazing concert, closing a meeting in defense of Humanity with poetry.

The Cuban artist performed at the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas, in the
closing ceremony of the World Meeting of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of
Humanity, with more than 300 attendees from 52 nations.The recital, to close the five-day event, ratified Pablo Milanes as one of the most lucid representatives of the movement known as Nueva Trova, a significant poet and musician capable of satisfying simple lovers, intellectuals and presidents.

"I do not have to be afraid of new failures/ there will always be a space to
begin once again" Pablo sang to open his free performance for the audience that
packed the theater, which six songs later kept him on stage shouting
"¡Uh, Ah, Pablo no se va!" (Pablo does not leave!).