Cuba Pays Tribute to Compay Segundo\’s 97th anniversary

(Prensa Latina) Santiago de Cuba, Cuba – The birth of famous Cuban musician Francisco Repilado, 97
years ago here, is recalled this month with different tributes, having the
performance of the group named after him as main attraction.

Compay Segundo died on July 14, 2002, arguably in the peak of a career that
saved him the sweetest glory for last, when, older than 80, he captivated
half a world with his charm and artistic authenticity.One of the key places for the tribute is the grave where, as he wished, his
remains lay at the Santa Ifigenia cemetery, the last stop of the mass march
of the people in his funeral.

Led by one of his sons, Salvador Repilado, the band Los muchachos de Compay
Segundo has performed in different parts of the city lately and accompanies
Santiago inhabitants on behalf of all the Cubans in this tribute.
Author of Cuban popular music classics such as “Chan chan” and “Macusa,”
including other popular Son and Guaracha songs, Compay Segundo was one of
the Los Compadres duet, a landmark in mid-20th century.

Pasion y realidad de Compay Segundo” is the second volume of a biography of
the artists by musicologist Lino Betancourt, who based the research in 20
interviews to one of the most charismatic Cuban singers and composers.