Argentinean Television Show Presents Cuban Artists in Buenos Aires

Prensa Latina) 
Buenos Aires, Argentina – Ibrahim Ferrer Jr., son of the namesake Cuban musician member
of the Buena Vista Social Club, presented a show dedicated to Cuban artists,
aimed to “contribute to Latin American integration.”

The Cuban musician hosts the show, along with Argentine television presenter
Raul Portal, aired by state-run channel Canal 7, titled Son… de todos.The first incursion included guests such as Cuban artists Rafaelito de la
Torre, Carlos Lissabet, Eduardo Suarez “El Guajiro” and twins Clar and Bel
Robles. However, it will feature guests from various countries.

This is crazy, it is a show made by crazy people. Coming to a country which
is not yours, to do such a thing, you have to be crazy
,” Ferrer stated.