Flamenco In Concert From Cordoba, New Vicente Amigo DVD Release

Madrid, Spain – As if to shorten the wait for
his long-awaited new album,

Vicente Amigo
releases the first visual recording of his music. The DVD
In Concert from Córdoba
(BMG 2004) complements the album Ciudad de las
with images and the live show. Recorded during a performance at
Córdoba’s Great Theatre, the recording contains all the tracks from this latest
album. ‘La tarde es caramelo’, ‘Compare Manuel’, ‘Ciudad de las ideas’, ‘Bolero
de Vicente’, ‘Tatá’, ‘Córdoba’, ‘Ojos de la Alhambra’ and ‘Tres notas para decir
te quiero.’ He performs ‘Calle de la luna’ a composition included on the album
De mi corazón al aire, a tribute to Juan Habichuela.Vicente Amigo is a guitarist of the new generation of
Flamenco. He was born in Guadalcanal in 1967, a small town in the province of
Sevilla, though he grew up in Córdoba. It was there where he had his first
guitar lessons. “I believe that flamenco has always been something for
adults, not just for children. To understand flamenco, you need maturity.  You
can play the guitar as a child.  You understand the technique. But the essence
of flamenco is something that requires maturity