New Release by Easter Island Band Matato’a

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA – Hailing from Rapa Nui (Easter Island),

‘s fifth album, Tatoo, celebrates the ancient and the new. Matato´a,
“the watching eye of the Pacific warrior,” is an indigenous Rapa Nui all male
five member band led by Kevamatato´a Atan, who formed the group in 1996. These
warriors not only make great music, but seek to “promote the ancestral
traditions (dances, costumes, body paintings) of the island” of Rapa Nui, also
known as Easter Island. Their
2004 Tupuna Productions release is a mix of love songs such as “Muri
Ia Au,” traditional Rapa Nui songs like “Manavai,” and songs that
describe cultural traditions including the “Haka Pei,” a Polynesian sport.
Matato´a’s music, like Pacific Island tattooing, is a testimony to the
survival of Pacific Island cultures. The CD includes a video clip of “Here
Ma´ Ohi,” with footage of the band and its magnificent island.