The Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers in Mongolia

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA – The

Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers
are now the first American Indian group to perform in Mongolia and they
were the only non-Asian group to participate in the festival.  The dancers
shared their unique Zuni music and dance with audiences at the Cultural Centre
Palace in Ulaanbataar, the Ikh Zasag and Mongen Secondary Schools, the theaters
of Tuv and Darkhan-Uul provinces and even for a children¹s audience at the
Cultural Centre Palace. 

those in the audience at the children¹s concert were US Ambassador Pamela Slutz,
and visiting members of the Mongolia North America Business Council, including
Jim Wagenlander, the honorary consul of Mongolia in Denver, Juan Chavarria, the
Director of the Indigenous Communities Mapping Initiative at Santa Clara Pueblo,
New Mexico, and others. The
Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers also participated in the closing
ceremonies of the World of Melody Festival in the Mongolian Folk Song and Dance

One of
the highlights was dinner at the residence of Ambassador Pamela Slutz, the US
ambassador to Mongolia, with several Mongolian and American