Remarkable Tango Trio

Pablo Ziegler and Quique Sinesi with Walter Castro – Bajo Cero
Pablo Ziegler and Quique Sinesi with Walter Castro

Bajo Cero (Khaeon World Music, Inc., 2003)

It’s easy to understand why Argentinian pianist Pablo Ziegler has been described at the successor to the phenomenal Astor Piazzolla. His latest venture, with guitarist Quique Sinesi and bandoneon virtuoso Walter Castro, Bajo Cero, based on their tour, leaves little doubt of his remarkable contribution to Tango Nuevo.

The music is smart with just enough of a jazz flair to appeal to tango fans and to make it accessible to listeners unfamiliar with traditional tangos and milongas. Milonga “La Rayuela” opens the CD and wows the listener with fast paced piano and bandoneon work. “Flor de Lino,” one of three traditional tangos on this CD, slows the pace and charms with its interplay between guitar and piano. “Chin Chin,” a piece written by Piazzolla, exudes passion and demonstrates the improvisational skills of these three talented musicians. Ziegler’s composition “Milonga del Adios” walks the listener through the passion and melancholy of the Argentinian soul in this slower piece. Quique Sinesi’s composition entitled “Planufer Milonga” is a stunning track with a little Candombe-inspired rhythm tossed in for interest.

Bajo Cero illustrates the talents of this remarkable trio. One could only hope that Pablo Ziegler, Quique Sinesi and Walter Castro continue touring and come up with another CD as sharp and delightful as this recording

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